Store data from an IOT device through the TTN network to a database with Node-Red and MQTT

This is a quick post on how to store data from an IOT device through The Things Network to a (mysql) database.

  • Install Node-Red:

sudo apt-get install node-red

  • Install Node-Red-Mysql:

npm install node-red-node-mysql

  • Start node-red and add an MQTT node and set the following parameters:

Connection, server:
Security, username: your <App EUI> from the TTN application and password (click the link 'learn how to get data from this app')

  • Set the Topic to: <your App EUI>/devices/+/up
  • Add a ‘function’ node and set the code to:

data = (msg.payload);
var m = {
topic : "INSERT INTO `yourtable` (`data`) VALUES ('" + data + "');"
return m;

  • Add a mysql node and set the parameters
  • Link the nodes together. The result should look something like this:


You can also use the TTN node instead of the MQTT node:


ESP8266 Arduino

This setup worked for me when using an ESP8266 with Arduino:


Pay attention to set CH_PD to VCC +3.3v, this is not mentioned in the first link.

The sequence I used to program the ESP8266 is:
1. Apply the external power supply to the ESP8266
2. Connect a USB cable between the USB-UART and the USB port
3. Ground the GPIO0 pin
4. Momentarily ground the RST pin
5. Click the IDE’s upload button

Youtube ESP8266 Arduino IDE HowTo




How to emulate with an Android-x86 image in VirtualBox

Get the VirtualBox IP address with ipconfig (in my case 192.168.56)

Kill the running server:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools>adb kill-server <enter>

And reconnect:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools>adb connect <enter>

* daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
* daemon started successfully *
connected to

More info here.

DIY Arduino robot car with remote control

Here is a video of my homemade Arduino robot car and remote control.

Used components on robot car:
– Arduino Mega 2560
– L298N Dual H Bridge
– Bluetooth HC-05 (see other video for remote control with an Android phone)
– nRF24L01 radio module for communication
– Some bright LEDs
– C1008 pnp transistor for switching the leds
– Tower pro servo for steering
– DC motor from an old cd-player
– Aluminium and plexiglas for the frame
– Plastic Tire Wheels
– IIC/I2C/TWI 1602 Serial Blue Backlight LCD
– Some resistors and capacitor
– Bearings
– Breadboard and wires ofcourse
– 10v battery

Remote control:
– Arduino Nano (clone)
– Nokia 5110 lcd display
– nRF24L01 radio module
– Some resistors and capacitor
– Pushbuttons, on/off switch
– Prototype pcb
– 9v battery